Concert insurance contract.
Concert agency "RU-Concert" and the insurance company "ROSNO", have signed agreements enabling clients to "RU-LIVE" concert to insure the contract. Thus, the leader of the Russian Insurance Market "ROSNO" 100% guarantee of purity and reliability of the transaction.
Information on insurance products:
Insurance entertainment industry.
Insurance events, including organization and conduct of festivals, exhibitions, shows, concerts and recitals of pop stars and movie makers.
Insured event
The financial damage resulting from the need to cancel or delay of an insured event.
Term insurance
Contracts of insurance on the insurance product may be as one year (when the large number of similar events throughout the year) and for the duration of individual events.
Insurance rates
Size insurance rates depend on the amount of the contract and the size of the selected insurance coverage, the nature of the event, as well as its timing.
Insurance terms
The contract shall be concluded between legal entities (company, LLC) and is paid by the customer by crediting to the account of an artist on the basis of the invoice.
Benefits ROSNO
ROSNO has extensive experience in the insurance in the entertainment industry;
The insurance product into account the specificity of your business and you can select the amount of coverage needed, taking into account the specifics of your business;
ROSNO guarantee claims settlement within ten days from receipt of documents;
Collaboration with leading European reinsurance companies and financial strength enables ROSNO to assume a large amount of liabilities under insurance contracts;
In the insurance case ROSNO provides professional legal assistance to its insureds;
ROSNO has offices in all regions of Russia, so we are ready to provide quality insurance services throughout the country.