Senya Son (Russian Classical Pianist, composer)

Senya Son graduated from Moscow Music Academy named by Gnesin and Moscow Government Conservatory named by P.I.Tchaikovsky in classification of piano and composition. Senya Son was the only disciple of the great russian composer Alemdar Caramanov from whom was comprehend in skill of polyphony and symphonic orchestration.More information >>>

BERIOZKA - Official Booking

The audience saw a Russian maiden round performed by 16 girls from the city of the Hermitage Theatre in Moscow in May 1948 for the first time.
Dressed in long red gowns that were emphasizing their stately figures, the girls were not marking steps but were "gliding" to the melody of the song "There was a birch tree in a firld" in some special unfamiliar to everybody at that time wayMore information >>>

LEZGINKA - Official Booking

State national dance show "Lezghinka"
It was founded in September 1958. During the period of its activity, the team traveled to 60 countries around the world and is the winner of 47 world-famous festival of folk dance. The ensemble set more than 100 dances of the peoples of Dagestan, the Caucasus and Russia. More information >>>

MOROZ SHOW - Official Booking

The rich and colorful costumes, great musicians, spectacular and rousing dance acts – all of the above will take the viewer into the atmosphere of a real Russian celebrations and the performance of popular folk songs, will be able to give to the viewer a treat from the time spending with the artists of "Moroz Show". More information >>>

Rossiya - Official Booking

The Ludmila Zykina State Academic Folk Orchestra “Rossiya” is one of the country’s most outstanding music companies, which represents the art of Russian song and the professional art of playing Russian folk instruments not only in Russia but the world over. More information >>>

SIBERIA - Official Booking

In 1960, just on the wave of up-rise of interest to the folk roots and folklore, a professional creative body – Siberian Folk Dance Ensemble was formed in Krasnoyarsk. The original staff of the ensemble included dance and vocal groups and the orchestra, that allowed to create bright stage images on the basis of Siberian folklore. More information >>>