General director, producer


In 1993 after graduating from college of music founded the first touring agency "EMPIRE OF STARS" in Saratov city. The agency was engaged in renting popular singers and artists of conversational genre to perform in Volga Russian cities.

In 2001 moves the headquarters to Moscow city and occupies the post of producer in "RU-CONCERT" company. In 2002 he established Moscow drama theatre "EMPIRE OF STARS" whose performances were at various theater venues in Moscow theaters and were actively touring in Russian Federation. From 2005 he is the first publisher and chief editor of a glossy magazine "Our theater. About favorite artists on stage and in life".

In march 2006 entered into the encyclopedia " who is who in Russia" as the most successful Russian theater producer. He created over 10 theater projects with participation of Alexander Abdulov, Andrey Panin, Lyubov Polishchuk, Irina Alferova, Emmanuel Vitorgan, Igor Ugolnikov, Vladimir Eremin, Alyona Bondarchuk, Igor Petrenko, Yekaterina Klimova, Lyubov Tolalina, Alexander Nosik and many other stars of Russian theater and cinema. 4 of November 2008 the theater showed its 1000th performance and suspended its activity due to rebranding. In 2009 returned to "RU-CONCERT" company on the post of general director.





Event manager career began in 2001 in position of the employee in special activities department of " PUBLIC TOTEM" company. Worked with companies such as San Interbru, PepsiCo, Procter and Gamble, etc.

After graduation in 2003 from Russian State University of service- Faculty of management works as a manager in Mobile Marketing Agency"(M-Marketing).

From 2006 to 2008 worked as an art-director at "Cosmos" casino.

Since 2007 collaborates with "IFC JamilCo" and " STROYGAZCONSULTING" companies in PR, marketing and advertising.

In 2008 comes to "RU-CONCERT" company and creates an event agency and Internet portal

Has an award from the United Nations for participation in charity programs of "CONCIOUSNESS" fund.

A corresponding member of the AIA (International Academy of Information)

A member of Russian Society protection of Consumer Rights and the Committee of fight against corruption.